Reeves, Thomas (1698 NJ - 1780 NJ)


Reeve(s), Thomas


Father: John Reeves
Mother: Ann Bradgate

Birth: 1698, Burlington County, New Jersey
Birth Source:

Death: 2 Dec 1780, Deptford Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey
Death Source: Headstone

Spouse1: Sarah


Children of Thomas Reeves:
  1. John Reeves
  2. Biddle Reeves
  3. Arthur Reeves
  4. Thomas Reeves
  5. Ann Reeves
  6. Rachel Reeves
  7. Joseph Reeves

In 1773, Thomas Reeves of Deptford township sold some land to a John Reeves of Northampton in Burlington County "given by the Last Will and Testament of Walter Reeves to his son William Reeves being part of that tract of land purchased of George Hutchinson as by the said Will and Deed of conveyance from said Hutchinson may appear." In another deed, Thomas of Deptford in Gloucester County is described as the son of John Reeve son of Walter Reeve. He sold some land which he had inherited from Walter through his father to Micajah Reeve.

The book The Reeves Family covers pertinent information on Thomas:
THOMAS REEVES, the eldest son and heir at law of John Reeves, was born in Burlington County, 1698, and died in Deptford Township, Gloucester County, December 2, 1780, aged 80 years, as is learned from his grave stone which is the oldest in the ancient Reeves burying grounds at Woodbury. He was a well-to-do farmer and a large landed proprietor.
In 1734 he conveyed two large tracts of land in Burlington County to Thomas Wetherell, at which time he was residing in Wellingborough in that county, but removed to Gloucester County about the same time. In a deed dated February 7, 1765, by which he conveyed a parcel of land to his cousin, Micajah Reeve, he is styled "son and heir at law" of John Reeves, and in the same instrument the latter is styled "son and heir of Walter Reeve." The Pennsylvania Gazette, in its issue of March 3, 1757, contains this notice:
Philadelphia, February 26, 1757.
To be sold at private sale, at any time between this and the first of April next, a plantation, situated in Deptford Township. Gloucester County, about eleven miles from Philadelphia, and seven miles from Gloucester, and within half a mile from Mantua Creek, containing 200 acres, 30 of which is cleared, the rest well timbered, about five acres of meadow, with a good house, barn, stable, and other out houses, and a young orchard. Any person inclining to purchase, may apply to the subscriber, living near the premises.

Thomas Reeves is the ancestor of most of the name of Reeves who have lived in Gloucester County, is noted that he wrote his name with a single "e" as did his father. The will, dated July 6, 1779, and proved June 1, 1782, names sons Biddle, Arthur, Thomas and Joseph, and a daughter, Ann Wood. To the latter he bequeaths three hundred pounds "in gold or silver." He also named "grandson" Peter Rambo, "grandson" John Reeves, and a "granddaughter," but did not name the latter, or give the names of the parents of either of these grandchildren, He devised to each of his sons a plantation. He married Sarah mentioned in his will. Her maiden name has not been ascertained, although it is believed that she was a Miss Biddle, of Burlington County, and hence the Christian name of his eldest child.
Four sons, Biddle, Arthur, Thomas and Joseph, and a number of their descendants are buried with their father in the Reeves Cemetery which was founded about 1700 on the Homestead Farm. This cemetery had a gift of more land to enlarge it, by Biddle Reeves, 3rd (the owner of said farm), who died June 10, 1852. In 1856 the addition was enclosed and the other walls repainted and topped with coping stone and an iron gate was placed at the entrance.
On January 2, 1860, David Reeves, then of Phoenixville, Pa., purchased thirty-four one hundredths of an acre adjoining the cemetery, of Isaac Reeves, Wm. Griscom and Jno. C. Smallwood, commissioners appointed by the Orphans’ Court to sell the estate of Biddle Reeves, deceased, and in December, 1870 the same David Reeves conveyed the same to Paul S. Reeves of Phoenixville, Fa., and Jos.. L. Reeves of Clarksboro, N. J., or their successors in trust for the use of said cemetery, free for all the relatives of those then buried in said cemetery, Provided that in case either of the trustees or any succeeding trustee die or renounce said trust, then it shall be the duty of the remaining or surviving trustee to present a petition to the Orphan’s Court of the County of Gloucester to appoint in the place of the trustee so dying or renouncing, which person appointed shall be and stand seized of the said premises in trust for the same uses and purposes as hereinbefore mentioned," and is recorded in the Clerk’s Office of the County of Gloucester, at Woodbury. N. J,, in Book P-5, of Deeds, folio 435.

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Death:        Headstone - Biddle Reeves Graveyard, Deptford, Gloucester County, New Jersey

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