TRP News - 01 July 2021

July 2021 - 11k Wiki Pages

Wiki Stats - End June 2021

The total number of pages in the Wiki (as at 1 July 2021) now stands at 11048 (previously 10984, 10869, 10841), an increase of 64 pages during the month. Of the total, 2154 pages (was 2131, 2102, 2102) begin with a number and are most probably a date related gleaning.     We currently have 4805 wiki pages categorised as "People", of which 4294 begin with the letter "R".

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TRP Users

We ended June with 470 user accounts registered in TRP, a increase of two over the previous month.   However, nobody has activated their account during the past month.

If you are having issues or have simply decided you can't now be bothered, please do let us know. Please contact New User Admin by sending an email to TRP123 (at) TheReevesProject (dot) org if you're stuck and need help or have subsequently decided you don't want to join our community. If you are not yet a member and would like to contribute to our community, please complete our Join Us form to start the membership enrolment process.

Whether you joined TRP recently or a while ago, if you have yet to do so, please set a meaningful name for yourself as described in First Steps - Part 1. It isn't difficult and only takes a couple of minutes to do. If it helps, think of it as a name label badge; so your first name plus surname (or at least surname initial) would generally be a good choice. You'll find links to the remainder of the our six part First Steps as part of the FAQ - First Steps.

Small World Syndrome? - Follow up

Last month I remarked on the coincidence of two individual applying to join TRP within 24 hours and both citing the same Earliest Reeves Ancestor. Sad to say the second individual has not bothered to respond to our e-mail.

11,000th Wiki Page

On 2 June the 11,000th page was added to our wiki. Our thanks go to Jonathan for adding a transcript of the 1763 Administration of the estate of a William Reeves, see 17630810_WB_11_Pg413. It is normal for gleanings to be linked to the person pages of the individuals referenced in the gleaning, but as we go back further in time records become sparser and it can be difficult initially to positively identify individuals. At the present time, I suspect that is the case with this page, since we lack links to either William or Sarah. The information gleaned does not describe their relationship; whilst it would be tempting to assume Sarah was William's widow, she could be his daughter or sister or ......

Reeves DNA Project - Quarterly Update

Its been a little busier here at the Reeves DNA Project this past quarter. In April we registered five new kits and welcome Andy, Karen (managed by Beverly_R), Robert, Bruce and Mark. May saw three new kits added from ANON, Sharon and Holly. Similarly in June we added three kits and welcome Mary, Donna and Philip (managed by Heather).

During the past quarter we've received the results for four new Y-DNA Donor members
    Kit 894579 for BT                      presently ungrouped
    Kit 954287 for AR                      added to DNA Group 07
    Kit B732864 for RL                     presently ungrouped
    Kit IN101022 for MC                    added to DNA Group 21
We would encourage all new Y-DNA donors or their representatives to make contact and allow us to identify them within TRP.

The Y-DNA test results for two of our new Y DNA Donors are currently sitting in the Project ungrouped pool. Based on the information they provided when they joined the Reeves DNA Project, we strongly suspect they are both members of our DNA Group XX. Whilst we will automatically move Y-DNA matched results to the appropriate Project Group, we do not move unmatched results to DNA Group XX with out explicit confirmation to TRP from the donor or their proxy. It makes life much easier for both the admins and those project members hoping to find a Reeves Y-DNA match, if we can keep the ungrouped pool free of results we know should never expect a Reeves Y-DNA match. Please take a minute to read DNA Group XX's home page within TRP for information on how to provide consent. All it takes is a simple proforma e-mail as descried on the Home page.

We hope everybody who joins the Reeves DNA Project does so because they want to work collaboratively to better understand our R*v*(s) origins. The admins here freely give of their time and effort to try and make that task easier. There are three key actions we need every new project member to undertake to help us all.
  • Firstly you need to make sure you complete the "Release" form which the company Family Tree DNA (henceforth FtDNA) provide. It comes in paper form with each new test kit and should be returned with the kit. Alternately for those transferring the results of a test undertaken elsewhere and for those who forget to sign the paper form there is also an electronic version. If you sign in to your FtDNA account and click on the "Matches" button for your DNA test. you'll be told if you need to complete the electronic "Release" form.
  • Secondly we need you to grant access to the Reeves DNA Project's Admins. This is explained in a post pinned to the top of the Activity Feed at https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/reeves/activity-feed
  • Thirdly, we'd encourage you or your representative to give The Reeves Project (TRP) permission to identify you within TRP. Please remember TRP is a discrete entity from the Reeves DNA Project hosted at FtDNA. TRP is the place where we share our research into the many R*v*(s) families. Whilst we'd like every DNA Donor to also join and contribute to TRP, that is optional, but we do need every DNA Donor to make contact and allow us to identify them within TRP.
During May, we had one new member join the Reeves DNA Project who has yet to complete these steps, hence the "ANON" appearing above. We know other stuff can get in the way of our time for our pursuit of our family history. We also recognise there may be rare unforeseen situations such as a sudden illness or even the death of a donor which lead to a delay, but we would encourage a representative of the donor to reach out to us and let us know as soon as possible. Our contact details are shown on the Reeves DNA Project home page at https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/reeves/about. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

During the past quarter we've seen one notifications for new Family Finder results (from a new at-DNA Donor) and two notification of the results from a new mt-DNA donor.

If you missed last quarter's summary the DNA Project Update for 1q2021 is available here.

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