Reeve, Joseph (c1650 NY - ?)

Reeves, Joseph

Reeve, Joseph


Father: Thomas Reeve
Mother: Mary MNU

Birth: 1656, Southold, Suffolk County, new York
Birth Source:

Death: 22 Apr 1736, Southold, Suffolk County, New York
Death Source: The Salmon Records, p. 23. Record states age 80 at death.

Spouse1: Abigail MNU (possibly Hallock), died 2 Apr 1707
Spouse2: Mrs. Deliverance Homan Whitehair


Children of Joseph Reeve and Abigail:
  1. Solomon Reeve, m. Sarah Ramsey on 10 Nov 1724
  2. Benjamin Reeve
  3. David Reeve
  4. Abigail Reeve, m. either Thomas Dickerson on 13 Jan 1715, or John Dickerson on 2 or 5 December 1710.
  5. Joseph Reeve
  6. Hezekiah Reeve ("Azikias" in 1698 listing of inhabitants of Southhold), m. Jerusha Hallock Nov 170(9)
  7. Mary Reeve
  8. William Reeve, m. Elesa Dickerson on 18 Oct 1722
  9. Hannah Reeve

The death of the widow Deliverance is mentioned in the Salmon Records where it states: "1743 Feb 7 Wid Deliverance Reeve. 74."


Death:        The Salmon Records

1698 Census of Southold, NY
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