DNA Group 03 - Root Page

DNA Group 03 Root

DNA Group 03 - Root Page

DNA Group 03 - TRP Co-ordinator

Within The Reeves Project, Barry L Reeves serves as the co-ordinator for DNA Group 03.
This group was formerly coordinated by Richard Reeves until his death in October 2014.

DNA Group 03 - Tested Lines

Line Number DNA Donor TRP Member Interested Party
    18394 Barry L Reeves Yes
    21139 Joseph Reeves
    28839 Stephen G Reeves Tommie Reeves Smith
    31962 Antone A Reeves, Jr   (deceased)
    34977 Richard Reeves   (deceased)
    36067 Allan N Reeves
    42685 Robert Reeves
    59660 James H Reeves
    59700 Charles W. Reeves Yes
    63381 Irvine O Reeves, Jr
   77233 Al Rives
  107298 Douglas E Reeves Yes
  108041 David C Reeves Yes
  110049 James B Reeves
  113046 Bruce Reeves Yes
  122068 Norman E Reeves   (deceased)
  128609 Lynn G Reeves
  133691 Robert P Reeves
  162202 Robert W Kauppila
  169251 Harley C Reeves
  170667 Craig Reeves
  187814 John A Reeves Ann Ward
  197763 David M Reeves
  214945 Samuel W Reeves
  258637 TSM
  265157 Richard W Reaves
  266235 Michael C Reaves Yes
  296605 Tim Reeves
  320920 Jerry L Reeves
  329370 George F Reeves, Jr Yes
  410950 B. P. 'Doc' Reeves Lynn Hester
  419746 AF
  421080 Thomas Alan Reeves Yes
  559681 Paul Cardwell Claire Eubanks
  620771   Steven K Mills Dee Reichert
  808572 Bradley Reaves Jr
  929545 Michael Glen Reeves Sandra Ann Reeves (Roth)
  982529 Daniel Alan Reeves Yes
  995250 DR
  996419 Michael C Reeves Yes
 1003023 Charles Edward Reeves Yes
 B245517 SBR
 X200901 Timothy G Reeves

See page DNA Group 03 - Lines of Descent, where we share information provided by the DNA Donors