Reeves, Jonathan (1788 SC - 1844 GA)

Jonathan Reeves

Reeves, Jonathan


Father: probably John Reeves
Mother: probably Sarah MNU

Birth: 10 Oct 1788, North Carolina
Birth Source: 1810 Census of Pendleton, SC gives estimated age as 16-25

Death: 23 Mar 1844, DeKalb, Georgia
Death Source:

Spouse1: Bethany Mayfield, married c1810


Children of Jonathan Reeves and Bethany Mayfield:
  1. Ephraim Reeves, b. 28 Apr 1810, d. 1844
  2. Sarah Adaline Reeves, b. 30 Oct 1812
  3. Dorcas Reeves, b. 4 Mar 1815, m. Hillary Argo on 2 Oct 1833 in Chambers, Alabama
  4. Joseph Reeves, b. 6 Oct 1817, d. 16 Nov 1909
  5. Thompson Reeves, b. 1 Jun 1820
  6. Nancy Reeves, b. 20 Jun 1823
  7. John Reeves, b. 7 Nov 1824
  8. Malachi Reeves, b. 3 Sep 1827
  9. Meeca Reeves, b. 30 Jun 1830
  10. Louisa Adeline Reeves, b. 28 Mar 1833
  11. Lucinda Reeves, b. 3 Oct 1836
Jonathan Reeves who married Bethany Mayfield is presumed by many to be the son of Jeremiah Reeves, who left North Carolina settling in Jasper County, Georgia, where he died in 1806. However, the Jonathan Reeves recorded as marrying Mary Clark on 23 Sep 1814 in Jasper County is more likely to be the son of Jeremiah. Bethany Mayfield was named as a legatee in the 1826 will of her father, Abraham Mayfield of Pendleton County, South Carolina. Other later probate documents of Abraham Mayfield's estate in Anderson County SC name her as the wife of Jonathan Reeves and indicate that they were no longer living in that state. It is much more reasonable to believe that Bethany married the Jonathan Reeves who was from Pendleton, South Carolina. The Jonathan Reeves, born in North Carolina in 1787, who was listed in the 1850 census of Macon County, Alabama with wife Mary (Clark?) is a more likely candidate to be Jeremiah's son.

Bethany Mayfield was born in December of 1793 in South Carolina and died in Paulding, Georgia on 27 October 1854.

Jonathan Reeves, Given's District, DeKalb County, drew lot 1137-2-2 in the 1832 Gold Lottery.

He is listed (as Reives) in DeKalb County, Georgia in the 1830 census as follows: Males 1 0-5, 1 5-9, 2 10-14 1 15-19, 1 40-49; Females 1 0-5, 2 0-15, 1 30-39.

One Jonathan Reeves, of Chambers County, Alabama in 1838, gave Malachi Reeves of Cobb County, Georgia power of attorney to sell some land in Cherokee County, Georgia (DB C, p420).

Research Notes

The parents of Jonathan Reeves are undocumented but they are very likely John Reeves and wife Sarah. John is recorded in the 1790 census of Pendleton County, South Carolina with 1 male over 16, 5 males under 16 and 4 females.

Again in the Pendleton County census of 1800 John Reeves' household is listed as - Males: 4 under 10; 2 10-15; 2 16-25; 1 over 45 (total of 8 sons) and Females: 1 under 10; 1 10-15; 1 16-25; 1 26-44.

John Reeves's wife is identified as Sarah in a Pendleton SC deed of 1804 which she signed relinquishing her dower right to land being sold by John Reeves to Benjamin Fuller. Sarah is also named in Frederick Reeves Bible as the wife of John Reeves and mother of Frederick Reeves who appears to be the brother of Jonathan.

By the 1820 census in Gwinnett County, Georgia, eight Reeves male individuals are found - John Reeves, 26-44; Frederick Reeves, 26-44; Jonathan Reeves, 26-44; Loftin Reeves, 26-44; Malachi Reeves, 26-44; Isaac Reeves, 16-25; Burgess Reeves, 16-25; and Thompson Reeves, 16-25. After 1850 when census records include place of birth, the older of these individuals list their birth place as North Carolina while the younger list South Carolina.


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