Samuel Mickle Diary

Samuel Mickle Diary

Samuel Mickle Diary


The following entries were abstracted or quoted from the diary of Samuel Mickle (1746 - 1830) contained in Notes on Old Gloucester County, New Jersey. The introduction states: "He was Clerk of the Friends' Meeting of Woodbury, member of the Fire Company, Abolition Society, Gloucester County Bible Society, Library Company, looked after Deptford Free School and many of the other public affairs of the community."


30 Sep 1798 - Biddle Reeves recovered from yellow fever.

16 Mar 1799 - Went with Jno Reeve to an advertised meeting at Jos Huggs tavern to establish a fire company in Woodbury and its neighborhood, made some progress and adjourned to ye day 2 weeks 2 P. M. to meet at ye Academy.

21 Aug 1800 - Zaccheus Test and Hannah Reeves married to day.

5 Sep 1800 - Wife of Biddle Reeves, funeral.

30 Jan 1801 - Visited school with Benj. Roulon, Biddle Reeves, Jas. and Paul Cooper.

19 May 1801 - Visited Benj. Reeve sick at Job Tylers on way to Salem, under care of Doctor Wister.

19 Mar 1802 - Joseph Reeves and Sarah Whitall, widow, married.

26 Jul 1802 - Thos. Reeves brother of Joseph Reeves of Red Bank found dead in woods to day supposedly killed by lightning.

29 Oct 1803 - Desire Brown wife of Jos. Brown and sister of Biddle Reeves deceased.

21 Jan 1804 - Sarah Ward went in stage to see her sister Hannah Reeve at Maurice River. [ Hannah w/o Peter Reeve]

15 Mar 1804 - Surveyed triangle piece at Jno. Jessups large three story house in Woodbury. Wrote deed for Jno Keen and wife to Biddle Reeves and Jno Tatum, Jr.

7 May 1804 - John Smith father of Daniel Smith Sr., deceased last night - Also heard of decease of Biddle Reeves mother Ann Reeves, also of ye decease of Michael Fisher's wife Rebecca.

1 Jul 1804 - Hannah Reeve, widow of Mark, at meeting.

12 Jul 1806 - Got early vegetables, potatoes, squashes, cucumbers and radishes at Clement Reeves.

10 Dec 1806 - Keziah Reeves widow of Thos. and mother of Benjamin Reeves buried.

4 Sep 1807 - Beulah Reeve, widow of Jno. Reeve Junior & daughter of John & Sarah Brown deceased.

10 Apr 1808 - Jesse alias Josiah Reeves buried this P. M.

25 Nov 1809 - Heard of decease of Peter Reeve son of John.

23 Sep 1812 - Funeral of James, son of Peter Reeve aged about 4 years & 9 mo.

9 Mar 1813 - At a meeting 7 P. M. at Jno S. Whitalls of a few of the inhabitants of Woodbury vis Jno Reeve, Nathaniel Todd, Jno S. Whitail, Jas B. Caldwell , Chas Ogden, Moreton Stille, Thos Saunders and S. M. agreed to recommend by an address to Town Meeting tomorrow An Association for Suppression of vice and immorality.

3 Jun 1814 - Charles Reeve grandson of John deceased.

24 Feb 1815 - Sam'l Reeve deceased buried at Greenwich his place of abode.

17 Aug 1815 - Hester Cox daughter of Edward Andrews deceased widow of Joseph Reeves of Little Timber Bridge and lately married to David Cox, deceased to day.

4 Jan 1816 - John Reeve deceased in 87th year of age, born 3 mo 5-1729. He & wife Jane married 5 mo 24, 1793.

2 Aug 1816 - Copied a letter of Jos. Reeve of Mannington Salem Co. N. J. on subject of First day Schools at request of Jos. Clement.

21 Nov 1816 - Lydia Reeve left Woodbury in Stage ye morning to reside in Phila together with her sister Elizabeth. [granddaughters of John Reeves]

2 Mar 1817 - Funeral of wife of late tavernkeeper John Reeves, son of Thos. Her maiden name West.

8 Mar 1817 - Sarah Reeves, daughter of Joseph, deceased this morning in ye 40th year of her age.

21 Oct 1817 - James Wood son of Richard Wood deceased at Benj Reeves in Camden.

19 Feb 1818 - Michael C. Fisher and Mary Reeves daughter of Joseph at Redbank married at our meeting to day, his second wife.

6 Jul 1819 - Clement Reeve of ye ferry upper side Market St Phila dec'd of yellow fever yesterday.

18 Sep 1819 - Thos. Reeves at Clonmell dec'd ye morning.

23 Oct 1819 - Benj Reeves son of Jos Reeves Sr. interred at Biddle Reeves Burial ground.

19 Mar 1820 - Invitation to funeral of Joseph Reeve of Mannington.

1 Aug 1820 - Jane Reeves widow of John deceased today.

31 Dec 1820 - Called to see Joseph Reeves in his 80th year .

20 Feb 1821 - Mentions accident to Joseph Reeves of Woodbury on way to Redbank was upset near ye far corner of ye Deer park on ye old road and near ye run on ye side.

27 Jul 1821 - This evening at Hannah Reeves where I met with Deborah Lee widow of James Lee and daughter of Chas West late of Woodbury dec'd.

5 Aug 1822 - Mary Reeves widow of Arthur was interred today in the 90th year of age, also her son Arthur deceased to day likewise Bathsheba Clayton wife of Edward Clayton also infant child of Joseph Saunders.

10 Jul 1823 - This P. M. ye house and lot formerly belonging to Aaron Hewes late dec'd and wherein his widow Jane and her late husband Jno Reeve resided, was by Exer. of Josiah Hewes dec'd sold at Vendue and bid off by Doctor Jeremiah Foster at 2000.00 and that greatly under its worth . I say 5000 value.

7 Sep 1823 - Funeral of Joseph Reeves, son of Biddle dec'd and Brother of present Biddle.

3 Nov 1823 - Catherine West now of Mt. Holly made us a short visit informed that her aunt Rusa West sister of Jane Reeve deceased on ye 25th of 8 mo last . Had entered her 85th year born 4th or 5th mo 1739.

25 Apr 1824 - Invitation to funeral of Sarah Reeves at Kaighn Point widow of Clement Reeves, daughter of John Wood wheelwright, interred tomorrow in ye Burial ground near Biddle Reeves.

17 Jul 1824 - Lydia Reeve daughter of Peter Reeve dec'd and grand daughter of Jno Reeve made me an acceptable visit.

14 Aug 1824 - Wm. H. Reeves son of Sam'l & Hannah Reeves of Redbank dec'd about 2 yrs of age.

19 Oct 1824 - Joseph Reeves (son of Thos dec'd) dec'd yesterday at his residence in Clonmell.

20 Nov 1824 - Joseph Reeve dec'd last night aged 83-4 mo d buried from his son in laws Michael C. Fisher 21st.

29 Dec 1824 - Sarah Reeves widow of Joseph (& formerly widow of Job Whitall and daughter of Jno Gill Sr. of Haddonfield ) dec'd this A. M. Aged 73-7 mo- 1 day buried Woodbury Friends ground.

14 Aug 1825 - At meeting, Hannah widow of Zaccheus Test, daughter of Joseph Reeves dec'd from ye State of Ohio last Autumn, on visit she says they removed from ye neighborhood about 20 years since and that her husband dec'd 2 mo ad 1819.

15 Jan 1826 - Hannah Reeve widow of Peter dec'd last night. She lived with Aunt Hannah Ladds family and we in our early life were house mates.

1 Feb 1826 - Woodbury Herald says Dec'd near Pedricktown 1 mo 25 last Asa Kirby age 73 and suddenly at Haddonfield John Reeves 29th ult.

9 Feb 1826 - Elizabeth 2nd wife of Biddle Reeves dec'd this A. M.

8 Apr 1826 - Nurse Ann Reeves here ye P. M. Aged 85 years last month.

27 May 1827 - Ann Reeves on visit and t'd in her 87th year.

25 Nov 1827 - Elizabeth and Lydia Reeve daughters of Peter Reeve dec'd and Sarah Stephens daughter of Isaac Stephens tutoress in ye dwelling house of Josiah Tatum and Mary and Ann Cooper daughters of Cous. Wm. Cooper in Co. at John Tatums.

2 Jun 1828 - Biddle Reeves dec'd this P. M. aged 61-7-28 born 10 mo 4-1766 interred in family burying ground.

11 Feb 1829 - Barzilla Jeffries, Peter Townsend, Mary wife of Jos. Brown and Elizabeth Reeve lodge.


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